What products I use for watercolour painting

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What products I use for my watercolour paintings

Only recently, I have started using watercolour paints again and I had forgotten how much I loved them.

However, all my old watercolour paints are cheap ones and they had dried up, so I invested in a few sets to start me off.

The sets I bought were:

Nostalgia pastel colours


Mungyo Gallery


And Van Gogh’s metallics


They were all half-pan sets as they are the ones I prefer to use, otherwise, I always squirt out too much paint if I use the tubes.

I use the Mungyo set the most because it has a good colour range (although I could do with expanding them because mixing paint to get certain hues is not my speciality.) The Mungyo blend really well and dry pretty nice too.

I have only been playing with the Nostalgia pastel set at the moment and haven’t created any art with them that is worth sharing yet. (Mainly in my sketchbook)

The art below is with the Mungyo sets and they are available in my online shop.

Art By Kelly Ann

The Van Gogh set’s colours look lovely when used on black-toned paper, so I am going to create an abstract with it in the future. (Just got to buy some black watercolour paper).

I did have some watercolour paper left over from when I was using coloured pencils, but I also purchased a pad of Bockingford Traditional watercolour paper, cold press, 140lbs, and I love it.


The Bockingford range has been my go-to paper for a while, but they have only been loose sheets. But I do want to experiment with a few of the professional-grade papers to see the difference. So I will keep you posted on that.

As for brushes, I need some new ones. I only bought two to start with and they were:

Pro Arte Prolene size 12 round


Pro Arte Prolene size 8 round


My next brush purchases will be some fine detailer ones, flat brushes and some more rounds.

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