How the Inktober challenge is coming along

So it’s day 11 of the Inktober 2022 challenge and I am still going.

Every morning I go into my art studio, and the first thing I do is draw that day’s prompt.

I didn’t think I would carry on with this challenge but seeing other people’s attempts at the prompt of the day has really inspired me to keep going. I am enjoying the process and also learning a few things about myself.

What I have learned so far:

  1. If I keep going without giving up on the first hurdle then I know I can do it. For instance, on day 3 the prompt was “scurry” so I thought out of the box and created a girl scurrying away into the night. I wasn’t very happy with the result but posted it anyway. In the post, I said that I thought it was rubbish and someone commented that she had the same problem but pushing through her mistakes and learning from them is what helps her become a better artist. She also said that she thought my drawing was great. That comment helped me so much and I never gave up.
#inktober Day 3 “Scurry”
  1. If I post something every day on social media, my reach actually goes up. Every day without fail I have posted my artwork from the prompt of the day on Instagram and on my Facebook page. My followers have increased slightly which is good but more people have been seeing and liking my posts.
  2. I am learning from my mistakes. On day 5 the prompt was flame, but my attempt was so bad. I knew I had overworked it and tried to bring it back from the brink of death but that just didn’t work. The lesson I learned was to stop overdoing it and keep it simple. So that is what I have been doing.
#inktober Day 5 “flame”
  1. I am thinking outside the box. Some of the prompts are baffling but I am trying my best to think creatively and not draw what I first think of. Instead, I am having a little brainstorming session and seeing what I can come up with. This is really helping me when I am working on other projects. Instead of just going into it blindly, I am taking my time to write it all out what I want to create and the colours I will use first.
  2. I am having fun. Do I need to say more?

Just in case you are interested here is the #inktober 2022 official prompt list

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