Why a sketchbook is important for every artist

overhead shot of sketchpads and markers
Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA on Pexels.com

It is only recently that I have been using a sketchbook every day and I wish I had started using them sooner.

My reasoning was that it was only for those who wanted to doodle or create patterns, but I was wrong.

Sketchbooks are an essential tool for the artist, whether a beginner or a professional. 

It was while I was watching YouTube videos for art inspiration that I noticed all the artists using a sketchbook of some kind before committing to the actual drawing. 

So I bought one.

Has it made a difference? Well! Hell yeah!

My top reasons why having a sketchbook is important are as follows:

  1. I can sketch my ideas out on the sketchbook paper before committing to the final drawing on my larger and more expensive paper.
  2. I can practice using different mediums to see how they work and feel and to see if I like using them.
  3. I can doodle or sketch just to warm up at the start of a new day.
  4. I can create studies of one subject to learn how to draw it.
  5. I can take my sketchbook outside with me to draw in the open air as daily life happens. I can then capture it in sketch form for later ideas.
  6. I can brainstorm ideas in sketch form.
  7. I can look back at my sketches in various sketchbooks to see my progress and also to get inspiration when I get a little art block.

Maybe you are like me and you have never used a sketchbook but want to start on that journey then the following tips will help you find the right one for you.

Begin by asking yourself:

  1. What mediums will I be using? This will help you when finding the right paper. So if you love using watercolours or inks then you will need the paper to be robust enough for wet mediums. Otherwise, the paper will buckle and warp.
  2. Will I be drawing outside? You will need a sketchbook that is not too big but easy to carry around with you outside.
  3. What is my budget?  If you are a beginner artist then you won’t want to spend a fortune on the most expensive and best sketchbook at first. You still want it to be a good one so research the ones in your budget. One that has good reviews is the Canson Mixed Media Sketchbook

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Always remember that the worst sketchbook of all is the empty one. So Have fun and create great art

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