Getting started as a coloured pencil artist

I didn’t plan on becoming a coloured pencil artist. It just happened.

I had been dabbling with different mediums, which included:

  • Watercolours
  • Acrylics
  • Pastels
  • Graphite and charcoal
  • Marker pens

A litter later on I stumbled across coloured pencils by chance. They were discovered when I was scrolling through YouTube on one of those days when I couldn’t think of anything to draw. I watched a video tutorial by a really talented artist called Kirsty Partridge and was hooked straight away. 


How I taught myself

I Bought myself a small set of Polychromo pencils to get me started and got straight into practising, making tons of mistakes and practising more.

Watching YouTube videos became a daily habit and over time I was getting pretty good at it. It was about a year later that I bought a comprehensive coloured pencil course by Kirsty Partridge and I started doing a tutorial once a week.

It was after taking Kirsty’s course that I started to become a better artist and wanted to pursue it as a professional. I continually learn from the professionals every single day.

It was then that I decided to buy the full-colour range of Polychromos and Prismacolour. I have my eyes on the Caran D’Ache set next.

How you can get started

  • Do as I did
    • Establish a routine. It doesn’t matter when you create. It can be first thing in the morning or the middle of the night. As long as you draw something every day, you will notice an improvement within no time.
    • Choose your niche. It wasn’t long after using coloured pencils most of the time that I realised that I was drawn to drawing portraits and animals But I also loved to draw babies and hairstyles. You will soon find your preferences as you progress.
    • Look at the professionals for inspiration. This is something I still do every day and I have a list of people that I follow on YouTube and the social media channels. My top two artists on YouTube are Kirsty Partridge and The Frugal Crafter.
    • Build up a portfolio. I keep all my drawings (good and bad) together in one place and my best ones have been mounted and packaged to be sold on my Ebay Channel. See images below.
    • Start showing the world what you have created. This is so important if you want to sell your art. You just cannot be shy about this. People will love your art, no matter what you think of it. So don’t be hard on yourself and don’t compare with other artists. You will be selling your best art in no time at all.
    • Take classes to improve and learn new skills and techniques. I love taking online courses and workshops. I have improved so much by doing this on a regular basis. I tend to splash out on a comprehensive course at least once a year.

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