My top 5 Christmas gifts for the coloured pencil artist

Being a coloured pencil artist can be expensive. So Christmas can be a great time to ask for those extra tools you may need.

Here are my top 5 gift ideas for the coloured pencil artist in the family.

1/ Pencils

Every coloured pencil artist needs pencils. Why not buy them a set on the ones they haven’t tried yet. These small sets would be ideal and won’t cost you a months wages either.

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2/ Paper

Buying paper is always a never ending expense for an artist of any genre. So grab a few paper packs to bulk up a Christmas gift this year.

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3/ Pencil cases

Pencil cases come in all shapes and sizes, but you want one that he/she can organise their pencils in a way that is easy to use. These pencil organisers are ideal for just that.

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4 Pencil sharpener

Most coloured pencil artists will agree that having the right pencil sharpener is essential. This is why the Derwent Superpoint Sharpener would make a great gift.

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5/ Light box

This lightbox would be perfect for the coloured pencil artist who isn’t that confident with his/her drawing skills. I use mine to create a sketch outline from my reference images.

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