I’ve created some products in Redbubble

I am so excited to share with you all what I have been working on recently.

I have always wanted to use a drop-shipping company and decided to give Redbubble a try.

I was so pleased when I got my first order within a few hours of setting it all up.

Here is what I sold:

Flamingo shimmer

The product sold was a throw pillow but I have other flamingo products such as:

1/ Flamingo shimmer acrylic block

2/ Flamingo shimmer coasters

3/Flamingo shimmer spiral notebook

I have also created some other animal products too. Check them out below:

Giraffe products
Tiger products

It was so easy to use Redbubble to create products. I am looking forward to creating some more animal products. That will keep me busy for a while and keep me out of trouble lol.

What animals would you like me to create. Please leave a comment below.

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