Why I use pencil blending fluid when creating coloured pencil art

My go to method of creating art is by using coloured pencils. I have accumulated a vast amount of different brands over the years and I thoroughly enjoy it.

It is only recently though that I have started to take it serious and become a self employed artist. I now sell my artwork and also offer help and guidance on those who would like to take their coloured pencil drawings to another level.

For the purpose of this blog post I want to talk to you about pencil blending fluid.


Pencil blending fluid is a solvent that can be used to blend colour pencils. I use Zest it when I am blending out my colours as it has a pleasant orange scent, leaves no residue on the paper and blends smoothly.

You can apply the solution with a cotton bud, a blending stump or a brush.


The main reason that I use the pencil blend is to ease wrist ache. If I was blending out the colours without it I would have to apply more pressure to get the pigment into the tooth of the paper and it would take longer. By doing it that way I was having to rest my aching wrists a lot and it was time consuming. Now that I use the pencil blend it is so much easier.

Another reason I use it is because I don’t want the paper showing through the colours, leaving the drawing looking grainy. The blending fluid helps to smooth it all out and making it look more like a painting. See examples below.

As you can see from the image above, the blended square looks smooth and vibrant, I didn’t have to use much pressure and it got rid of the graininess. If I wanted to I could now add more layers of colour and texture. Always remember to let the solution dry completely before adding more layers.

Two more examples of a baby drawing NOT blended and one that IS. Can you tell which one?

Where to buy Zest It Pencil Blend

Buy It Here

You can also buy it from most reputable art shops.

I hope that you have a better understanding of what pencil blending solution is and by using it carefully you are able to bring your coloured pencil art to another level.

Before you start using it however take note:

  • Don’t blend too early. You need to build up a few layers of pigment for it to blend smoothly.
  • Make sure the brush or cotton bud are clean or it will smudge onto your drawing.
  • You don’t have to blend out everything as it may result in the drawing looking flat.
  • Make sure the paper that you are using can withstand extra fluid. Watercolour paper is always the best.
  • Keep the room you are using it in well ventilated.
  • Don’t load the brush or cotton bud and go straight to paper with it. Dab the excess onto some tissue paper. first. You only need a small amount to blend.
  • let the solution dry thoroughly before adding more layers.

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