My first attempts at drawing animals

I don’t usually draw animals because I can never usually get them looking right. But last week I wanted to challenge myself.

I chose to draw the sea turtle because of the variety of colours it had. I usually steer clear of too many colours because I get overwhelmed. But to reduce the overwhelm this time, I used my ten step process, which you can read about HERE.

Knowing that I have this PROCESS is making it so much easier to choose the reference images to use. Where before, I would only choose simple images, now I am choosing more complex ones to push myself further.

The sea turtle was tricky, but I stuck to the steps in the right order, took my time and had fun creating it. I was rather pleased with my first attempt-ever to draw a sea turtle. See image below.

The next animal was a giraffe. Now if you thought the sea turtle was the trickiest then think again. This one was even more challenging. But as I did with the turtle, I kept to my process and pushed passed the overwhelm.

My first attempt was not bad at all. See image below.

I love creating art using coloured pencils, it’s like grown up colouring. I am learning new things with each creation and I am starting to see improvements too. I draw every day because I want to and it is what makes me happy. But they do say…

“Practise makes perfect”

And that is my aim.

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