My 10 step process when I am creating a coloured pencil drawing

So I have started to get serious with my coloured pencil drawings. I realised that I was not organised and didn’t plan ahead properly. So I have devised my own simple step by step plan that will take my art to the next level.

So to see if the steps worked for me I found a reference image on Unsplash of a cute newborn baby and put my plan into action.

For this blog I am going to share with you the steps that I took to create and finish the coloured pencil drawing.


The first thing I did before even thinking about starting the drawing was to swatch out all my colours. I listed all my Prismacolours onto a large sheet of paper, with the colour names next to them. (See image below)

Doing this is going to save me so much time in the future because I can see what colours look like on paper, therefore making it a lot easier to choose the right colour for my drawings.


Next, I printed the image I was using as a reference and made sure that the quality was good. I am lucky to have a really good printer and the colour quality is excellent.


On a piece of A4 paper, I divided it into three sections of light medium and dark. In each section I colour matched the different values and coloured in the relevant boxes with the colour name next to it. Now I have the exact colours I will be using for the whole drawing and I won’t have to rummage through my pencils to find the right one. I keep the colours I am going to be using to one side ready for the next step.


I keep all the tools I will be using in a cardboard drinks cup, so they don’t get mixed up or lost and put all my other colours away. In the cup I will also have my Tombow Mono Eraser pen, blending brushes, white gel pen and craft knife. (The craft knife is for adding texture or subtle highlights. I didn’t need it for the baby drawing though)


Now I sketch out my drawing onto the paper I am using ready for the colouring stage.


Before I begin to put colour down I use my Kneadable eraser to gently lift the up the pencil to make the drawing as faint as I can. I don’t want the pencil to show through the colours.


Now I start to add the colours in layers. With coloured pencil art it is all about building layers and I do this slowly and with patience.


When I am happy with the first layers of colour I use my blending fluid to gently blend the colours to get rid of the graininess. I always blend from light to dark. When the blending is done I leave it to dry fully. I usually leave it for a few hours just to make sure it is completely dry.


For the final step I go in with my coloured pencils when it is dry from the blending fluid and add the finishing touches, add any texture and any highlights.

Finished drawing

These ten steps work for me and I have noticed a massive improvement in my work. Being prepared and getting organised is so much better than just diving straight in without any planning.

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