Buying art for the kitchen

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The kitchen is usually the last place that people think of when it comes to buying art for the home. For me, the kitchen is the centre of the household and I want to decorate the walls with great art that showcases my personality.

With the kitchen, you can have a lot more fun with the art you choose and there is so much of it out there. Of course this can be overwhelming if you don’t even know where to start.

I have created a 10 step worksheet to help you buy art that you love for any room of your home, taking away the overwhelm and giving you back control on what adorns the walls of your home.

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Work through the steps so that you can get an idea of the art that you will eventually buy and then check out the extra tips below.

1/ You can choose bright colours in this room if you want to, to add a bit of character. Think bright red images of juicy strawberries, like the one I created with coloured pencils below.

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Also think brightly coloured food images or simple watercolours of herbs.

2/ Choose a favourite item in your kitchen and use it as inspiration. For example you might have a 1950’s style American fridge, so some retro Coca Cola art would look great and bring the theme together.

3/ Think about the wall space that you have available. some kitchens have cupboards taking up valuable gallery space, so this will determine the size of the art you can buy. If you have one large wall you could create and interesting look with lots of small pictures or one extra large one.

4/ Have art that inspires you to create beautiful dishes and art that makes you want to spend time cooking.

Have a look online for some inspiration and don’t forget to check out my strawberry prints over on Ebay

and one more final thing, don’t forget that Freebie

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