Finding the right storage solution for my coloured pencils

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When I am fully immersed in an art project I don’t realise how much mess I make. My art rooms gets so untidy and if I don’t stay on top of it, it becomes an unnecessary distraction.

At least once a week, I like to give my art space a good old tidy. It is during these tidy-up sessions that ideas for possible storage come to me. I always write my ideas into a notebook so I can go through it later and have a look online for something suitable.

I need my storage to be easily accessible and I want to be able to see what is in side with just a quick glance. Because I tend to create most of my art using coloured pencils, I want to be able to grab the right colours without having to search through pencils cases etc.

Storage can be quite expensive when you have accumulated a hefty range of different products but by thinking creatively you can save yourself a lot of money by using household items.

below are some budget friendly ideas that I have used myself in the past and currently use.


As my supplies grew I needed something bigger to keep them in. Usually I would keep them in the original packaging but it was no longer an option for me. I would transfer them into a shoe box so they were all in one place.


The same as above but because the box is see-through you can see what is inside just by looking at it. I tend to use clear boxes for my tubes of paint now and each box will have a different medium like watercolours or acrylics.


Jars are perfect for my coloured pencils because they are easily accessible. One thing I do tend to do now that I have accumulated hundreds of different pencils is to to sort them into colour groups. So one jar or tin can will hold all my greens and another one will hold all my reds and so on. This works the best for me as most of my art is done using coloured pencils. So for example, if I am drawing some sky, I can grab my jar of blue pencils and I will have all the shades I need.

Now that I am earning a lot more money selling my art. I am able to splash out on some funky co-ordinated storage. below are my top three storage solutions that I will be considering.

Marbrasse desk organiser
Koogal pencil holders
Clear acrylic pen holder station

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