The more you practise the better you get

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They say that practise makes perfect and it is so true when it comes to drawing. So lately I have been practising different drawing techniques and themes every day.

Last week it was all about eyes.

To start with, I searched on YouTube for some good instructional videos and watched and listened carefully. Then I grabbed my pencils and started drawing, using the advice from the videos.

The first attempt was done in graphite pencil on my new Art-N-Fly sketchpad that I bought especially for these drawings.


This drawing was done while following along with a YouTube video and it taught me a few techniques like shading and crosshatching to make the skin look more realistic. I was really pleased with my finished drawing, pictured below.

The second drawing was done without a how to video and I wanted to use my coloured pencils for this one.

As you can see in the above image, it is not perfect but I know where the improvements are needed to make it better by using shading and blending techniques.

The third drawing was from a reference photo online and i used graphite pencil for this one. I was pleased with the result and I’d like to try a larger version of this image for my Etsy shop. See Image below.

The fourth drawing was done using watercolour paper that I got in my art subscription box. Unfortunately I don’t have the details of this paper. (I must remember to keep a note of all samples that I get in future.)

I did this drawing with coloured pencils and tried to make it look a little more realistic. I can definitely see an improvement so I will keep practising for a few more days but using different mediums like acrylic and watercolours.


  • I have a better understanding of how to draw the lashes on the eye
  • I have learnt the best techniques for blending coloured pencil
  • I have learnt to slow down when drawing and not to rush the process. Thus getting better results.
  • I have learnt that crosshatching can give skin a realistic look.
  • I have learnt that you get different results with different paper. Some good results and some not so good
  • I have learnt that practising every day helps to hone the craft

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