Buying art for the living room made simple

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Think about it, the living room has probably been the most used room in the home since the pandemic started. Lockdowns have forced us to stay at home binge watching Netflix box sets and binge eating for that matter.

But now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we have an idea when things might return to some kind of normal again. It is now that we might be planning some retail therapy ready for when the shops reopen.

You might have decided to give your home a fresh new look. One of the best ways to do this is with a lick of paint and some new art for the walls.

Take a look around your living room. really look at what you have on the walls (or don’t have). Does your home really reflect you and/or your family? Is every piece of art loved and adored every time you look at it? If you answered no at any time then it might be time to buy some new wall art.

For the purpose of this blog post I will be concentrating on the living room, but you can use most of the suggestions for any room of the home.

Think of the walls of your living room as a blank canvas to convey your personality. Whatever art you choose will give it your stamp, it’s own character and will let your friends and family know more about who you are.

So where do you start?

1/ Think of what you love

Don’t think of buying art as a task to fill a blank space on a wall. What you buy has to be an absolute pleasure to look at every day. Imagine starting your day with “the ugliest” thing you’ve ever seen staring back at you. How do you think the rest of your day would pan out?

When I moved into the house I am in now, I didn’t have any pictures to hang in the living room. I was given a few pieces from friends and family. These were mainly canvasses of the American skyline. I was quite happy with them at the time but after a while I came to realise that they did not make me happy seeing them everyday, they didn’t reflect who I am. So I have made a decision to actively look for some new wall art and when the shops open up again I will be among the first to purchase my forever art. I know that my day will feel so much better seeing art that I love.

#tip start browsing online now for possibilities and create a Pinterest board to collect ideas. I bet you start to see a pattern or a theme emerge of your tastes.

2/ Think of the room

Instead of matching the art to the room let it work with the room. For example: if the décor of the living room had plain, neutral colours, a good idea might be to look for bold bright colours in the art piece so that it stands out. You wouldn’t want your investment to blend in with the background and not be noticed would you?

3/ Think of all the different mediums

Rather than just thinking of art painted in oils, acrylics, watercolours or pastels, think outside the box. You can actually buy art that has been painted with enamel paints, or graffiti art painted with spray paint. Or you may prefer art that is made out of textiles, or glossy prints. Whatever medium catches your eye, for example “vintage art”, you will find that when you google this search term the results will amaze you.

4/ Have a size in mind

Lots of mini prints on a main wall would create a completely different effect than an oversized painting would. Asking questions like: Do you want to notice it as you walk into the room? How big is the wall itself and will it have furniture against it? Will help you determine the size that you will need. You don’t want the art to be too small that it gets unnoticed or just too darn big for the space.

5/ Have a style in mind

You will need to consider the styles that you are drawn to and what would look great in your living room. The existing décor might have to be taken into consideration unless you are planning to completely redecorate. Here a few styles that you might consider:


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The list can be endless, but I imagine that you get what I mean.

Knowing the style of art that you are drawn to will make the search so much easier.

You can check out my Etsy Shop here for some wall art ideas: Kelly Ann Printables and designs

6/ Have colours in mind

Does the colour scheme of the living room scream the need for black and white photographic art or would bold and bright colours look better? Do you want colours that compliment each other or contrast completely and standing out.

7/ Have a theme in mind

Does your living room have a beach like theme, with light blues and all the colours and accessories associated with a sunny beach holiday? Or does it have an antique theme? Having this in mind will help you to choose the right piece or discard the ones that won’t fit.

Other things to consider

Do you want it in a frame or on a canvas?

Are you buying on the high street, or from a gallery?

Are you going to create the art yourself?

How big is your budget?

Above all have fun, think outside the box, be creative and experiment.

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