Struggling with artist block: How I am tackling it

I never really believed in artists block in the past but all of a sudden it has crept up on me and I am just not feeling inspired. I am putting this setback down to the pandemic and being stuck indoors because of lockdown.

When I think about it I can see that this block has been building up over a few weeks. I have been finding it harder to feel inspired as the days go by. It was this morning that I found myself staring at a blank piece of paper for over an hour, chewing the end of my pencil, mulling over nothing. It was making me frustrated to say the least.

So, instead of letting it take me over completely I put paper and pencil away and decided to write this blog post. I got a sheet of paper and started to brainstorm some ways I could try to get myself out of this downward spiral.

Here’s what I came up with:

1/ I need to put myself into situations where I can find inspiration. So this can be as simple as listening to some music that I don’t usually listen to or reading a book that I would never normally read. I know this has helped me with finding ideas before so I will have a look on Amazon at some point in the future.

I could also catch up with some friends via zoom or facetime. They might have some good ideas.

Going for a walk around my neighbourhood and taking some photographs would definitely help too (after all we are allowed out for some exercise).

There is also the option of visiting some online galleries when I have some spare time. I love to look at other artists work and usually get inspired by them.

2/ Go through my artwork. I am going to have fun with this as I haven’t looked through my art for a while. I might even take some photographs of them all and create a folder on a memory stick. That way I can look at them whenever I feel the need to. I could also try to create the art again and see how I have improved.

3/ Check out art that I love looking at or would love to have in my home. This step is going to be so much fun because it will not only give me inspiration but make me feel happy and uplifted when browsing. I can then save them into a Pinterest board and keep adding to it when I come across a new artist, art work or genre that catches my attention.

4/ Try new styles I have been meaning to try or experiment. This is where I can just play with existing products I have in the workshop or from what I get in art subscription box each month. For example I could get out my acrylics and mix them up with my marker pens and see what I can come up with. I can’t wait to try this step out actually.

5/ Give myself a mini challenge. For example, I could practise drawing hands for a week or eyes, feet or lips. This could definitely inspire a larger project. Another challenge could be to try different landscapes instead of portraits.

Just writing this blog post has given me some ideas to work with and I am looking forward to seeing what I can create in the next few weeks.

I will keep you posted

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