How to create a simple mandala that a child could do

One example of a beautifully created Mandala

Mandalas are described as circular figures that represent the universe and are symbols used as a guide to mediation and prayer.

We are surrounded in our everyday lives with natures very own Mandalas. Flowers are the most noticeable form of mandalas to me but if we delve deeper the very cells in our body can be seen as Mandalas. No wonder they represent the universe as a whole.

Flowers are my favourite Mandala shaped objects

Creating a Mandala for yourself can be relaxing and in many ways a healing process for some. For example, a person who is overwhelmed with the chaos that is happening in the world right now and unable to deal with being apart from loved ones could benefit from creating their very own Mandala. Especially if this person where to take their time and really reflect on all the things they are grateful for, no matter how small.



The whole process from drawing the circles to colouring them in can help to lower anxiety levels and leave you feeling a lot calmer within.

Below is a simple mandala you can create at home in just a few steps:

Step one

Collect together a pencil and a piece of paper and a compass or circular object to draw around. Draw a circle using whatever method you choose to create the circle with. I used a biscuit cutter for my circle and drew round it with a black pencil.

Draw a circle in the middle of your paper

Step 2

Now draw another circle next to the one you previously drew.

Draw a circle overlapping the previous circle to the right

Step 3

Now draw another circle on the left hand side of the first circle overlapping it like the second circle.

You can now see shapes emerging within the circles

Step 4

Now draw a circle above the first circle overlapping as you did with the other two circles

You now have 4 circles but it is looking more intricate

Step 5

Now draw the 5th circle below the first circle and overlapping as you did before with the other circles.

5 circle mandala

Now that you have completed your simple mandala you can colour it in in any way that you wish. it would be a good idea to print a few off if you can but they are so simple to make you could just do the whole process over and over again. This is a simple exercise that the kids would enjoy doing and keeping them occupied at the same time.

Here are a few that I made




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