My Lockdown art challenge: And what it has taught me

For me, lockdown number three has been the toughest of them all and I think a lot of UK residents will also agree. This time though, it has taught me things about myself that should have been obvious.

  1. I can adapt well to change
  2. I can easily work from home full time
  3. I actually like my own company
  4. Art keeps me from losing control of my life
  5. I know that I am enough

The time spent alone has given me the opportunity to draw more often and I have been enjoying the creative process.

In the first week of lockdown I decided to start my own #lockdownartchallenge and below is a gallery of what I have done so far.

In the past, I have always drawn on white paper. But this time I wanted to do something a little different. I hunted through my art stash and found some paper (well, a lot really) that I hadn’t even taken the cellophane wrapper off.

It was the pad of black paper that I wanted to experiment with, so I started drawing faces. On the first three, I used only a WHITE POLYCHROMO pencil and nothing else. I think the result looks quite dramatic.

White Polychromo pencil

The fourth one I I did was with POLYCHROMO COLOURED PENCILS and I loved the way the colours popped.

Colour pencils

To experiment further, I sprayed the image with a clear gloss sealer and waited for it to dry. I loved the fact that the sealer coated the image but did not make much difference to the paper.

The fifth picture was lips. I love drawing mouths and lips and wanted to see what they would look like against a black background. The red of the lips looked really bold and I thought it looked great.

The final picture I drew on black paper was that of Disney’s Pinocchio and I finished it off with the clear gloss sealer. This drawing is my favourite of all.

clear gloss sealer

I also found some toned paper amongst my stash so I drew another portrait using just a black, a white and a grey polychromo.

I really enjoyed drawing the bay duckling picture on toned tan paper and the clear gloss sealer made it stand out more. It even gave the paper a dark shadow around the image which I liked.

Canson toned paper

The Anime girl was also drawn on toned paper and I loved the way the colours popped against the toned background. I used my new PRISMACOLOR PREMIER PENCILS for this drawing.

premium pencils

I was really impressed with these pencils. They blended so much better than the polychromos and the colours were brighter too.

All in all this lockdown has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and try doing different techniques with my art. I am so glad that I did.

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