Have you created a vision board yet?

As 2020 came to an end and 2021 emerged, I started making new plans for the year ahead.

I had a clear idea of what I wanted the next 12 months to look like and what I wanted to achieve. So I got writing and I created some big audacious goals and some smaller ones using my goal setting worksheets.

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Now I was getting super excited and started taking action each day to move me further along towards success.

But a little voice started nagging me from the dark recesses of my mind. It was saying:

“hey! Hang on a darn minute here. What about your vision board?”

I looked across at last years vision board attached to my office wall and realised I needed a new one. The old one did not reflect what I wanted for 2021. And, to my surprise, most of the things on the old one had been achieved anyway. I had materialised my new (expensive upgraded) printer. I was using my Cricut explore air 2 die cutting machine, (something I had no idea where the money for that was coming from, but it came anyway). I had an organised office and a an upgraded laptop that was desperately needed. Last year had been a success. I did find the money (profit from my business). Vision boards really do work.

It is all well and good to have written and planned out my goals and aspirations for this new year, (and it does work too) but it works much faster and successfully if you have visual representations of what you desire too.

So I listened to that voice and created a vision board. I don’t need many physical items as I did last year. I just wanted my business to grow and my blog to become more successful (which it is thanks to all you lovely readers). I also want to fall in love this year. So I have put that out into the Universe and we shall see were that takes me.

Below is one simple vision board I created after the voice stopped nagging.

Have you created a vision board this year? I would love to see some pics of them.

Do you need inspiration?

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