I am going to be brave and show up in my life

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I have been watching and reading a lot of Brenè Brown lately and she has totally changed my thinking. So I have decided to do something that she said in her Ted Talk. I have decided that “I am going to be brave and show up in my life”.

I must admit though, I have let myself go a lot during the Pandemic and now with it being the third lockdown I am starting to notice the changes. I can’t keep blaming the Pandemic though. I need to address the issues and I need to do it now, Pandemic or not.

Issue 1

I have let my health slip. I have put on a couple of stone in weight and I have not been looking after my appearance.

How I’m going to deal with this

I am going back to basics with my nutrition. I am going to sort through the food cupboards and use what I have to make healthy meals. I will use my monthly meal planner to this. You can get your below.

I have also bought a water bottle with times of the day and encouragement written on the side so that I can keep track of my water in take. I will then track it in my tracker planner so I can track my progress. You can get your tracker bundle below.

I know I can get my health back on track using my planners and only buying healthy Vegan food.

As with my appearance, I am going to get back into a healthy sleep routine and set my alarm for the same time each morning and make myself get up instead of pressing the snooze button. I might even invest in a proper alarm clock that I can put at the far side of the room so I will have to get up to turn it off. At the moment I use my mobile phone and I just can’t bear the thought of that being at the other side of the room.

Issue 2

My work life balance has merged into one.

How I’m going to deal with this

I am going to print off my work from home planner and go back to basics. I am going to work out a plan and mark off time slots to do specific tasks that are needed in my business. I am going to set some business goals and create a marketing plan. You can get your work from home planner below.


I will stick to office hour times to work and close everything up each evening so as not to be tempted to a bit of work from the coffee table in the lounge.

I will use the evenings to watch TV, read a book or even a bit of pampering. Work can wait until the next day.

Issue 3

Becoming a hermit

How I’m going to deal with this

I know the guidelines for the UK are to stay at home but we are allowed to leave the house for exercise. So I am going to go outside once a day even if it is only to post a letter and get some shopping at the local supermarket. I don’t drive so walking is a must. I always feel better when I have been outside and got some fresh air in my lungs so this is a must.

If I can work on just these three issues for the time being while in Lockdown and track my progress after a month then my situation will definitely change for the better.

How are you coping with lockdown? Have you let things slide a bit? Do you need to get your life back on track? Visit my Etsy shop for some inspiration. You never know there might just be the perfect printable for you.

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