How to organise your work from home desk and reduce the overwhelm

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It always feels great when I am in control and my home/work life organised. But, when it is in chaos I actually feel as if I am in a whirlpool being sucked into an abyss. That is when I know that some parts of my life need to get back on track and getting organised in the office is always a good start for me.

My desk is the most important part of my working day and if it is cluttered and messy then I don’t tend to get much work done at all. When it is organised it feels like a heavy load has been lifted and I get creative inspiration more often.

Having an organised desk also gives a sense of pride because of how clean and presentable it looks.

You can either, get your desk organised in one whole day by following the tips below or you can implement one tip per day if that is how you prefer.

So, let’s get started with my top 11 tips to get your desk organised.

1/ Take everything off your desk and give it a good polish and clean. (Just doing this can kickstart a declutter because you will only want to put back what you want there)

2/ Get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be there or relocate it to a better place.

3/ Make sure you have a place for everything. This makes so much sense as it makes working so much more efficient when your desk is not cluttered and it also saves you time hunting for something amongst the mess.

4/ Don’t forget to go through any drawers or cubby holes in your desk and declutter those too.

5/ Create files for important paperwork so they are not just strewn over your desk. This will make it easier to locate them when needed.

6/ For older documents and paperwork that you don’t need as the original/physical you can create digital files by scanning them into folders. How you manage these files is up to you but when you need one in the future it will be so much easier to find what you are looking for.

7/ Use wall space effectively. Do you have shelves? could you put some shelves up? Hang calendars on the wall so they can be seen at a glance. Think of other ways you can maximise the wall space in your office.

8/ Create a personal space basket. This is just a dumping basket for the things that you carry to the office everyday. For example your mobile phone, planner, keys if you travel to work etc. It doesn’t even have to be a basket but a space to put these things.

9/ Create labels for everything. Boxes with lids, tubs, drawers, etc with labels on them lets you know what’s in what without having to remember.

10/ Wrap those cables that trail out the back of your desktop/laptop, printer, phone, etc so they don’t become a snake like mess covering your desk. Zip ties, twist ties, Velcro and elastic bands are just a few that I can think of to tie them up neatly.

11/ Invest in a paper shredder. This was the best thing I did a few months ago. My wastepaper basket was becoming full to quickly and just ripping up old documents like bank statements and invoices etc didn’t feel like a safe way to do it any more. Now I have a paper shredder I place all the paper on the floor next to the shredder and then each evening, when I have finished for the day I start shredding.

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