My work-from-home-action plan: Creating new habits and routines

Working from home really has become the new normal these days and it is now, more than ever that I need to start taking my business serious. I need to form new habits and create new routines. I need to turn up for work as if it is for a boss. So here is the plan. here’s how it is going to work for me.

1/ I will get up a little earlier than usual. Just like I would if I was travelling to work each day. This will programme my mental clock to wake me up at the same time each morning.

2/ I will get myself ready for work by getting dressed and having breakfast within a set time.

3/ I will leave the house at the same time every morning as if I was going to catch a bus to work. I could go for a quick walk around the block, go to the shop or post a parcel or letter.

4/ After my walk I will go home as if I have just arrived for work. I will then do all the usual morning stuff I would do if I was at the office. I would also work out the times I would take my coffee and lunch breaks and stick to them throughout the day.

5/ I will finish at the same time every evening and close everything down. I will close the door to my office and prepare for winding down and relaxing for the evening. I could even go for a quick walk around the block or visit the local shop for last minute things I may have forgotten that morning.

By following this daily routine every day of the work week, it will help me establish new habits and help me to be more productive. At the weekends I can allow myself a small lie in and do things away from work for myself. It will give my life balance, which is needed right now.

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