Getting my mojo back with practise

You would think that being in Lockdown would have made me create a tonne of art. I really wish I had been able to but the sad thing is I just couldn’t draw or paint anything. Maybe it was a mental thing, I don’t know, but I woke the other morning eager to get drawing again.

I practised a few techniques and decided that going back to basics was the best choice. So I dug out a sketch book and found my pencils and started drawing. I was rusty because I hadn’t drawn for a long time but after a while I started seeing progress.

One of my main new year’s resolutions is to keep creating art even if it is a doodle or quick sketch each day. I am going to ingrain it into my everyday life like brushing my teeth every morning and evening.

I wanted to share with you what I have managed to create in the last week. I chose the theme of Ballet as I love this style of art. I always think that it looks good drawn in graphite. Just simple black and white art that will never look out of place in any home.

With the above drawing, I used as reference a photo I saw on pinterest. I love the way it shows both style of shoes and that to me says that if you are good at dancing it doesn’t really matter what shoes you are wearing.

With the above drawing I used a reference stock photo and love the way the legs look like they are dancing.

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  1. It seems that many have hoped to dive deeply into the creative process during these challenging months, but a lot of us have not seen our creative goals unfold. I tend to be hard on myself, but am reminding myself not to look behind, but to start from where I am right now. I am also reminding myself that when feeling a lack of inspiration and drive, looking at artists and their work lights that fire within me. You are very talented and I love your work.

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