My vision for 2021

There a few things that I want to change in the new year and I am already making plans to turn them into a reality as I write.

I have narrowed it down to just a few areas to work on, so below are my top 3 things that are in desperate need to change.

1/ Health and fitness

Being stuck indoors more because of the pandemic has made me quite lazy. I have been getting out of bed too late in the morning and staying in my pyjamas while I work. I have gone days without leaving the house and often filled my hunger with junk.

Things really do have to change: one, because I will turn into a recluse and two, I will become a fat recluse chomping on rubbish all day.

So the first change is to get more active and eat sensibly.

Where I live in the UK, we are still battling with the pandemic so restrictions are still very much in place. But this is not going to stop me from getting out of the house at least once a day. So the plan is to get up early and get dressed.Then it will be a healthy breakfast and a daily walk. There are a few nice places to go for a walk where I live so I won’t get bored of this. Doing this first thing in the morning will set me up for the day and keep me in a positive mindset.

I will also eat at regular intervals., which will involve a balanced diet and I will buy healthier snack alternatives like fruit and nuts instead of reaching for biscuits sweets and cake. Although I won’t rule them out completely: we all need a little bit of cake in our lives.

2/ Spending

2020 has definitely been a year of overspending for me. Even though the high end things I bought were needed for my business, the smaller things I bought were not. I spent way too much on craft supplies, toiletries and lounge wear.

2021 is going to be the year of cutting back on buying unnecessary items and getting into the habit of saving more.

In order to stick to this I am going to print off my budget planner and make it a habit to follow it and fill it in every month.

Get it here

Even though I don’t have anything specific to save for, it will start me off and give me a future fund to fall back on when needed.

3/ Business

If 2020 was getting my business started and learning about everything digital, then 2021 is going to be about growth.

For the new year I want to add new products to my Etsy shop: Check it out here: Kelly Ann Printables and Designs. I gifted myself a brand new Cricut Explore Air 2, die cutting machine this year and I have some great ideas to use it for creating new products. So watch this space.

I also want to grow my blog and get it in front of more readers. I have a tonne of new post ideas to write about, so I am looking forward to doing that.

So, just three areas for me to work on for now. All I have to do now is to get it all written down in an action plan, keep working on them each day and to create a vision board to remind me and manifest my desired future. But more on that in the next blog post.

Now, with plan in place and a positive attitude, 2021 is going to be awesome. NO matter what.

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