It’s time for a declutter

I have decided that is time to declutter my home as soon as Christmas is over. At first, the very thought of it was quite overwhelming, because my whole house has accumulated so much “stuff”. The overwhelm didn’t last long because I have a plan that I use every time I need a good old sort out.

It is the office that needs working on first as it is the most cluttered space in my house and I think it is an important space to be organised, for me anyway.

So here are a few tips that have helped me in the past and will surely help me for years to come.

1/ Decide on a day that you have free so you can dedicate your time and attention to the task at hand. Even if it is just half an hour here and there, it doesn’t matter. Just schedule it into your daily planner and slowly but surely you will start to see progress.

2/ Have a couple of boxes ready. One box will be for all the stuff that you are going to throw away and the other box is going to be for the things that you are going to keep. You could also have a third box for items you can give away or donate to a local charity shop. I use the box method with each section of a room. For example, I have a bureau that holds all my art stuff. So that will be one section of the room to sort. When that part is done I can reorganise everything neatly and have extra space for other items that could go in it.

3/ Work through the room one section at a time. This helps you to stay in control of the task and not become too overwhelmed. Also if you run out of time, you can just finish that section and come back to the others another day.

4/ Really look at the items when you are sorting through them and seriously ask yourself if you really really need it or if it is just taking up space with no function at all. Be ruthless. This is something I will be doing when I clear out my office. I need every inch of space to work for me and if that item is not loved, wanted, needed or usable then out it’s gonna go.

5/ Think storage. For example, in my office I want the storage to be easily accessible. I need a place to store all my different types of paper, craft supplies, files and folders. Drawer storage works best for me and desk-tidy’s are a must. So have a good look around your space and have a think about what storage would suit it best.

6/ Re-arrange the furniture when the decluttering has been done for your room and arrange all that wonderful stuff that you are keeping.

Now all you have to do is sit back and feel proud at your new clutter-free space. In the past, after I have completed a clear out I have always felt lighter as if a load had been lifted off my shoulders. It is amazing how stress-free and relaxed it makes you feel.

I hope these simple tips will help you when you start decluttering. Let me know in the comments what has worked for you.

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