Why I buy expensive planners

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I have a friend who would quite easily spend £500 on a new bag. The very idea of it sends my heart racing. I just didn’t get it. Why spend so much when you can get one on the high street for under £20.

It wasn’t until she told me that she was looking for a new bag for 2021 that I started to understand. My friend pays more because she wants it to make her feel a certain way. It has to last the year without falling apart or looking shabby. She will use her bag every day for work and it has to be the right size for all her personal belongings. Bags are her thing and she is sensible with her money throughout the rest of the year.

She thinks I’m crazy spending £50- 100 on a new planner every year. Planners and stationery are my thing. It is the same reasons that she buys her bags that I buy my planners.

I want my planner to make me feel a certain way (organised and professional) and I don’t want it to fall apart half way through the year or start to look tatty and unprofessional. I have planners in the past that have not lasted a couple of months into the year.

I also want the paper in my planner to be of good quality because I am going to be writing in it daily and using different types of pens, inks, colour etc. My planner is going to be my friend for 12 months and it needs to help me get organised, track my habits, keep a budgeting account, schedule my time, set goals and grow my business. It also needs to look aesthetically pleasing, So it makes sense to me to buy the best.

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So every year I will carry on gifting myself an expensive planner and I won’t feel guilty about it. Not one little bit.

What do you spend your hard earned money on that your friends and family just don’t understand why?


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