What I am looking for in my new planner

For the past year I have been using the box clever academic planner. I am now ready to buy a new one for 2021 and want one to suit my needs.

1/ It needs to be portable so that I can carry it around while I am out and about. You never know who you will meet when out of the house or office and you will need somewhere to write in so you don’t forget later.

2/ Size will also be important if I want to carry it around with me. An A5 planner will be perfect for this. I use an A4 planner that I designed myself for use in the office and I can’t really carry that around with me.

3/ The layout needs to suit my needs too. So I want one that has the month at a glance and the week and days at a glance, with enough space to write in.

4/ I want it to reflect the sort of person that I am. So the front cover and the way it looks are important to me. I love pastel colours and things that look pretty, so my planner will need to reflect this.

5/ I want it to be a mix of personal and business, so it needs to have a mix of goal setting pages, brainstorming pages, to do list pages and other planning a tracking etc.

6/ I would like it to have ribbons attached that can be used as page markers. The one that I am using now has two ribbons which is handy to mark the month and the day at the same time.

7/ I don’t want it to be a cheap one. I tend to spend £20 and over but if I can be flexible on price as long as it fulfils my needs.


I am looking forward to buying my new planner and I have a few that have made it to my shortlist: See images and links below (*Affiliate links).

Here are a few ideas for you to think about before you buy your own planner so that is doesn’t become an ordeal but is enjoyable for you.

  • what size do you want?
  • What colours do you like?
  • what is the purpose of your planner: work, personal or a mix of both
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What format do you want: ring bound, book like, disc bound, printables, etc

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