Is goal setting important?

Imagine for a minute that you daydream of going on a road trip with a couple of friends. As soon as you start taking action to make your daydream a reality, then it becomes a goal.

Now imagine going through life with just daydreams and not setting any goals. That doesn’t sound too good does it?

There are so many benefits to be had from setting and achieving goals but for this post I am only going to be sharing my top 6.

So let’s dive right in.

1/ They get you excited

So, let’s say you have decided to take that road trip that you and your friends have been talking about for ages. You start to feel excited and you get in touch with those friends to announce that that you are making plans finally. You arrange a coffee date with those friends to brainstorm ideas and the excitement bug passes on to them too.

2/ They give you something to focus on

You start writing down all the action steps you need to take before the journey and you start focussing on each step in the right order.

3/ They trigger new behaviours and habits

You may need to get back to the gym if it’s a beach style road trip to get that bikini body. You start eating healthier to lose those extra pounds that have creeped up on you lately. You start meeting your friends more often to update them on the journey plans. Can you see those new behaviours and habits happening?

You are getting your act together, getting organised and moving one step closer to the trip each day.

4/ They challenge you to think creatively

Working on your road trip goal every day is challenging you in good ways. You are starting to think more creatively and you are able to solve any problems that may come your way. Instead of giving up, you find alternative ways that actually work better.

5/ They lead to greater success

You are ready to get in the car with your friends and start the journey. You have organised everything to the last detail. You even have a plan B and a plan C just in case the unexpected happens. For example, you might get a flat tyre, but it’s okay because you have renewed your breakdown cover.

6/ They make you so happy and proud of yourself when you achiever them

Your road trip was a success. It was perfect in every way and much much more. It was the break that you all needed and deserved and you are already talking about the next one.

So, in answer to the question: “Is goal setting important?” Then I say “Hell yeah!”

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