I created my own life planner

There are so many planners available on the market that it can become overwhelming when you want to buy one. Just google “planners” and you will see what I mean.

When I bought a planner this year, it took me ages to find the right one for my needs. In the end I chose an A5 size planner from box clever and I really do love it. I am able to see at a glance, my daily, weekly and monthly schedule, my goals and my expenses, but I still needed more.

Don’t get me wrong the box clever planner is the best one I have ever used and I will continue to buy from this brand: Check them out here (affiliate link)

I really needed an A4 sized planner that I could have on my desk in the office and where I could keep everything business and personal in one place. Like my very own life planner. So over the past few weeks I have been putting one together. It’s just a basic one for now, but I’m in the process of designing a much better one for 2021.

Here’s how I did it

1/ First of all I used an old ring-binder I had lying around that would be suitable to hold the planner inserts and covered the front using a poly-pocket and a cover I designed in Canva.

2/ Then I designed and printed the planner pages, hole punched them and put them into the ring-binder

3/ Then I divided the planner into sections. For example, work from home schedule, goals, finances etc. I then created dividers for each section using the same design as the front cover. I printed two sheets for each divider and laminated them back to back, then hole punched them. Using small pieces of card, I made some divider tabs and stuck them on each divider, moving them down a space for each one.

Now I have what I need in a handy file without having to hunt through my desk for them. Their is definitely room for improvement and I have some good ideas mulling around in my head. For now, I am happy with what I have created, as it was just a practice using stuff I had lying around the craft room. So follow this blog if you want to see the 2021 life planner I create.


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