I’m suddenly obsessed with habit trackers

Before I started getting serious with planners, I organised my life with lists. I am still a huge list-writing-addict, but my life is so much easier using planners.

I have recently become obsessed with the idea of tracking my habits and behaviours after reading somewhere about the benefits. The article said that studies have revealed that it takes 66 days to form a new habit. The idea of creating new and healthier habits really does appeal to me so I created a habit tracker bundle for my Etsy shop and printed off a copy for myself.

My tracker bundle contains the following:

1/ A spending tracker

This is something I should have been tracking a long time ago. I am a sucker for anything pretty and shiny. Etsy and Amazon are my best friends.

2/ A mood tracker

I have not used one of these before but I am intrigued at how this will make a difference. I will keep you posted on this one.

3/ A sleep tracker

Tracking my sleep patterns is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never got round to it. I want to see if there any reasons why my sleep is all over the place. Maybe tracking it will give me some insights. I have always had problems sleeping. I either get way to much or nowhere near enough. I can never seem to hit a middle ground.

4/ A water tracker

I know I should drink water, the the problem is, is that I hate cold drinks. I need to address this and find ways to add more fluids into my daily diet. Tea with soya milk and black coffee are the only things I drink at the moment. This needs to change.

5/ A weight loss tracker

I don’t do diets. They never work. I would much rather prefer to eat a well balanced diet (and I need to do this being a vegan) and cut back on sugary and processed foods. Using a weight loss tracker will give me some insights on weight loss journey. Well that is what I am hoping anyway.

6/ A savings tracker

It makes sense to track my savings if I am tracking my spending. What I am not spending I will be saving won’t I? Any way I will see how this goes. 66 days right?

If you would like to purchase the tracker bundle, then I have a special offer on at the moment. It starts today and lasts only 8 days. If you buy two products or more from my Etsy shop you will get 25% off the total purchase.

The coupon code for my Etsy shop is JOY25



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