Turn your bedroom into a happy place

On the top of my to do list at the moment is to create more art for my bedroom. I want it to be a place of bliss, a place where I can relax at the end of the day and turn off from the stresses of the world around me.

I love pretty pastels and hues of gold and silver. I also like teal and I have been having fun looking for inspiration and ideas.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have created two art prints that are going to look great in my bedroom. All I have to do now is to buy a couple of nice frames and I am ready to go.

Check the art prints out in my Etsy Shop here: Wall art prints @ Etsy

Below are my top tips on how to turn your bedroom into a happy place.

1/ Think of soothing and pleasant colours. My all time favourite colour pallet is Pink, silver and teal and that is the theme for my new bedroom design. Think about the colours that make you happy, relaxed and calm and add them to your bedroom.

2/ Opt for plush furnishings, like soft cloud like carpets and rugs and fluffy duvets. Add more pillows for a more luxurious feel and keep the pillows in the same colour pallet but add various patterns and textures.

3/ Fill the room with soothing fragrances. I have lavender filled sachets hanging from my headboard, which help me fall asleep naturally. I also spritz my bed linen and pillows with a lavender and chamomile spray which I purchased from an Avon Representative.

4/ Fill the walls with art that makes you happy, think blissful beaches, relaxing scenery, affirmations or even abstract art in the colours you adore.

You can visit my Etsy shop for some inspiration here: Kelly Ann Designs and printables

It makes so much sense to have a bedroom that makes you happy. Going to sleep filled with positivity will definitely set you up for the following day.


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