How I organised myself working from home

I walked into my office the other day and realised how chaotic it had become. How I hadn’t noticed it getting out of control before, I really don’t know. It looked like a dumping ground. I had boxes and bags with stuff I was selling for Ebay, mixed with boxes of stuff for my Etsy shop. It was a complete shambles.

I knew this was the reason my business had hit a stumbling block and I also knew something had to be done. So, instead of climbing over the wreckage I got cleaning and sorting the mess out. getting my work life organised has made one hell of a difference. I have a clear idea of what I am doing each day and I am starting to get sales again.

So many of us are working from home as a consequence of the pandemic and even though we are all trying our best to adapt, it can be overwhelming for some.

If you are working from home and want to get organised, here’s how I got myself organised.

1/ As mentioned above, I cleared out my office and made it into a great space to work in. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a corner of your bedroom or the kitchen table, as long as it works for you then that is the main thing.

2/ I took advantage of my work from home planner, in which I wrote in to have a clear idea of each day etc. I always write down the days tasks first and then put them in priority order. When I have done this I add the tasks to a daily timeline. I also fill in the rest of the planner with weekly, quarterly and yearly goals plus weekend plans.

3/ Keep set hours to work each day so that you are not constantly working and upsetting other members of the family. I live alone so I don’t have others to think about but if I don’t mentally switch off at 5 pm it just consumes me and I suffer burnout.

4/ At the end of the day I write a list of all the tasks I need to do the following day. This helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper so that I am not thinking about it all night.

I do believe that working from home is going to be the new normal when the pandemic is over and I am preparing myself and the future of my business. If you want to get organised and you could do with the “working from home planner” then just click the image below.

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