Working from home: My new normal

I’m not missing my old work routine. Well, not that much anyway. I’ve adapted well to the new way of doing things. It’s not as stressful as it used to be.

Let me explain

1/ I’m not a morning person. I hate getting up at the crack of dawn. I prefer to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock disturbing my peace.

2/ I hate rushing around. Quick showers, quick breakfast, quick everything just makes me so anxious. My heart beats too fast and my head starts spinning.

3/ I don’t like being late. If I’ve missed the bus or I can’t get on because it’s too full leaves me in a panicky sweat. And don’t get me started on the rush hour traffic. sitting on a bus in heavy traffic is like watching a suspense movie: pulse rate speeds up, heart thumps in your chest and I find myself holding my breath. Then your boss has a go at you for being late or your first client just ups and leaves before you have time to explain. getting up an hour earlier to avoid this is definitely out of the question for me.

But I don’t have any of that now. Working from home is bliss. My body wakes me up naturally at 9am and I can take my time getting showered and dressed. I no longer have to shovel down my breakfast in huge mouthfuls. The best thing of all is not having to sit on a crowded tortoise paced bus. That is a thing of the past.

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My work day start at 10am in the comfort of my spare room at home. I made it into a cosy little office with everything I need on hand. I can take quick coffee breaks without being looked at like I have just robbed the stationary cupboard and can even eat my lunch at my desk if I want. Hell, I can even work in my pyjamas if the mood takes me. (Which I did while writing this blog post by the way 🎉☺️

I do miss the human contact though. That’s one thing that I did enjoy: the interaction in person. Now everything is done remotely and will most likely carry on this way for me in the future.

How has your work routing changed in the past few months? Is there any going back for you? Have you embraced the change or has it tested you to your limits?

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