Is self-care really that important?

“Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean ‘me first’ it means ‘me too’”

The simplest definition of self-care is that it is anything you do to be good to yourself.

This could be something as uncomplicated as a luxurious bubble bath or as indulgent as a weekend at a health resort.

The way I see it is you can take care of yourself without shelling out tonnes of cash and it can be done from the comfort of your home or in your community.

Things like: 

  • A pamper session one evening with a glass of wine
  • Reading a new book
  • Going for a walk in a nearby park
  • Getting a new hairstyle
  • Buying new bedlinen
  • A movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to look after yourself.

So, how important is it to practice self-care on a regular basis?

1/ Self-care helps you form a healthy relationship with yourself. As the saying goes: “Before you can love someone, you first must love yourself”. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself you are reminded of the importance of your needs, you are filled with positive feelings, your confidence is boosted and so is your self-esteem.

2/ Practising self-care means you are taking control of your physical and mental health. When you look after yourself you immediately feel better, your stress levels are lowered, your anxiety levels are lowered and it provides a break from the chaos in the outside world. The time spent alone helps you to reflect, which in turn, helps with your problem-solving skills in the future.

3/ You are able to form better relationships with others when you are good to yourself. Nobody wants to be around a negative person, do they? You are also able to give more of yourself to others when you feel good about yourself.

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In order to get the right balance of self-care, it’s important to consider these 5 areas.

1/ Sensory self-care

Sensory self-care caters for all your senses, for example:

  • Touch
    • Cuddling up under a soft blanket or throw
  • Smell
    • The pleasant aroma of essential oils burning in the background
  • Sound
    • Listening to relaxing music, while reading a book
  • Sight
    • Walking in a beautiful forest or sightseeing in a city

2/ Emotional self-care

There are many ways that we can do to tap into our emotional well-being, for example:

  • Keeping a journal where you write your true feelings down
  • Spending time with loved ones as often as you can
  • Expressing your emotions without feeling guilty

3/ Spiritual self-care

You don’t have to be religious to practise spiritual self-care. There are a lot of ways you can introduce this into your life like:

  • Meditation
  • Getting creative with mindful art
  • Saying affirmations out loud daily

4/ Physical self-care

Getting physical is a great way to practise self-care, like:

  • Dancing to your favourite music
  • Going on a cycle ride in the countryside
  • Or simply going for a walk

5/ Social self-care

This is an important category because as humans we love to connect with other humans. How we connect will be different from one person to the next as one might be extrovert and the other might be an introvert. Social self-care can be practised in many ways like:

  • Going on a lunch date with friends
  • Join a group like a local book group or walking group
  • Sign up for a class to learn a new skill

The more you invite self-care into your life you will soon notice improvements and those happy, feel-good emotions will last long afterwards too.

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