What does your future look like?

Have you any idea what your you want for your future?

Now that restrictions are slowly being lifted all over the world, some people are going to find it hard to socialise again.

Think about it for a moment: some of you have had to shield yourself from the outside world for a mammoth 12 weeks. Some of you have had to start working from home. Add that to the fact that a hell of a lot of children have missed out on schooling and have had to rely on the parents to educate them as much as possible. trying to keep children indoors and occupied is a fete in itself.

It is no wonder that most of you are at your wit’s end, pulling your hair out and screaming into an abyss.

But on the positive side, we have adapted and we have slowly got used to a slower pace of life. Six whole months of of social distancing has formed a habit. Now we have to break that habit eventually and form new ones.

Now we need to get back out into society and socialise again. let’s face it, we humans thrive on contact and interaction. It’s who we are, it’s in our DNA.

I get stressed when someone stands too close to me in the supermarket Que. So how am I going to cope in social settings like pubs, clubs and events?

Do you have the same fears?

Have you made plans for this new future that is coming sooner than you think?

Yesterday I brainstormed and came up with my own action plan to tackle this very thing.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Take it slowly: Meet up with one friend at a time for a coffee, lunch or afternoon drinks.
  2. Invite a couple of friends over for a meal and a catch up.
  3. Maybe join a local walking group to ease yourself into meeting new people and at the same time staying healthy and fit.
  4. Build up slowly the number of people you spend time with at one time.
  5. Take a bus journey or train ride out of town at a quiet time to get used to using public transport again.
  6. Take a journey to a friend who lives further away from your town and stay overnight. (This is something I am planning for the very near future.)
  7. Venture a little further each day if you can and if you can afford to. Maybe once a week may work better for you.
  8. congratulate yourself on each daily step you achieve and give yourself a reward. It can as simple as buying a glossy magazine.
  9. make a list of all your goals for the next twelve months.
  10. Make a visual representation of your goals ( a vision board to me and you ).
  11. Refer to a self care check list daily to give yourself some TLC.

Grab a free self-care checklist here. Just push that big shiny button below.

Self-Care checklist

If you would like help creating a vision board for your ideal future then you can get it here; just scroll down to that shiny button below. 👇


  • The first 10 women to sign up will get it at a Beta price.
  • 1:1 40 minute vision board creation workshop on how to get clear on your goals and how to turn them into a visual representation.
  • Goal setting worksheets emailed to you to print off and use in the workshop.
  • A FREE set of vision board printables from my Etsy store sent to you via email for you to print off at home and use on your vision board
  • On completion you will have a clear vision of your very own future and the tools needed to make that vision board work for you.


Vision board creation workshop

I am looking forward to working with you on choosing to take life by the horns and start living.

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