Is it time to step out of your comfort zone?

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Since lock-down started, most of us have gotten a little too comfortable with our new normal. Now that the restrictions that were imposed upon us are being lifted, some of us are afraid and unsure about stepping out into the big wide world again.

By implementing the five steps below into your day to day life you can get back out there and become the person you long to be.


Take that first step:

  • Book your induction at the gym to get in shape
  • Go shopping for healthier food to kick-start healthier lifestyle
  • Phone friends to arrange a get together

By taking that first step you will get the ball rolling and the next steps will be much easier.


Put yourself in a new environment

  • Go to a new coffee bar instead of your usual one
  • Take the train instead of the bus
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier
  • Go shopping in a different part of town
  • Go to a bar you’ve never visited before
  • Go to a different restaurant

By changing the environments that you put yourself in you are opening yourself up to new possibilities and also meeting new people.


Take a different route home

  • Walk the scenic route
  • Take the long way round
  • Find a shortcut

By changing your route you will experience new sights that you haven’t yet seen and will make you use your eyes more instead of being on that rather scary auto pilot.


Say yes more often

  • Yes to new work projects
  • Yes to a night out with the girls
  • yes to that date
  • Yes to that coffee date with a friend

Saying yes more often opens up exciting possibilities.


Challenge yourself

  • Next time you buy something ask for a discount
  • Next time someone asks how you are say that you feel amazing
  • Book a holiday just for yourself

By challenging yourself to do things that you wouldn’t normally do can feel liberating.

And…..always remember that if you don’t succeed today, then tomorrow is another day to try.

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