What Lock-down has taught me

Just as we fell into a new way of living, the world starts opening up again.

I can imagine many of us will be feeling anxious about how we are going to get back out there, but I see it as an exciting new chapter.

I was thinking back to the very moment it was announced that the UK would be in full lock-down. I remember how frightened I felt at this whole new normal.

Fast forward four months and I can honestly say I have learnt so much.


1/ Slowing down

We lived in such a fast paced world and suddenly it made us stop. I have learnt to not be as busy all the time.

2/ Creativity

Lock-down made me think creatively with regards to my business and start being more online instead of face to face. To be honest I am loving this way of working as it saves me so much money and the ability to help more women survivors of domestic violence through zoom calls or messenger.

3/ Zoom

being at home more often also allowed me to learn how to use zoom to video call friends, family and clients.

4/ More time for planning

With more time on my hands, I have been able to make plans for my future. I have been able to write down my goals and work out ways to achieve them. It has also allowed me to create a lifestyle-vision-board and a business-vision-board.

(how to create a vision board blog post coming soon)

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