3 Creative Exercises to reduce anxiety

Art has always been one of my passions, but I only really fully immersed myself into it in recent years. One area of my life that art has improved is my mental health. I found that the more art I created then the calmer I became inside. It was because of this new state of mind that I decided to train as a therapeutic art coach. It enabled me to help other women who were feeling exactly like I used to feel and today it gives me great pleasure to see the beautiful transformations that these women go through.

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Below are 3 creative exercises that you can start now that will help to reduce anxiety and allow you take back control.



Remember when you were a child with that brand new colouring book and pens? Remember the joy that you felt opening the first page and started to colour? That concentration you practised so you didn’t colour out of the lines?

Colouring can be the same as an adult and can pass away the hours without a single negative thought.

You can buy some beautiful adult colouring books online and you can even get some free colouring pages ready to download and print.

Here’s one I created just for you:


Exercise 2)


I love creating collages. All that cutting, tearing and glueing takes me back to being at school in art class.

The whole process of creating a collage is therapeutic, from searching for images and words in magazines to cutting or tearing them out and pasting them to a large piece of paper or card.

There are so many different ways to create a collage. It can be a theme. For example: “What makes me happy” or your city skyline using the cut out paper pieces as the silhouette. It can even be an explosion of haphazard colour, it is your choice. You are in control of the whole process.



This is something I need to do more often. Some great ideas have come to me from doodling in my sketchbook. All you need is paper and a pencil and it doesn’t matter what you doodle. It can be simple scribble lines See my blog post on how I used scribble doodling

My Doodle pooch

Your doodle can be shapes, objects or just what you can see in front of you at that moment.

With all three of the above exercises you can see that you don’t need to have an art degree to be able to do them. They are simple exercises to flex that creative muscle and lower those feelings of anxiety and begin to get your life back.


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