Create art like a child to lower anxiety

remember when you were a child and it was art time in school? if you were anything like me, you didn’t wrack your brain for ideas, you just got stuck in. You didn’t think things like: “Oh, I’m just not good enough to create anything.” Or, “I’m rubbish at art.” You just began painting.

By thinking like that child again you can enjoy creating again and at the same time you can begin to learn how to lower your anxieties and feel a lot calmer within.

Here are 2 simple exercises that you can do at home that will help you on your journey of inner peace.

  1. Scribble like a child

Most children’s first piece of art is usually scribbling on a piece of paper (or on the walls in the home like my children did grrr).


Tools Needed

Paper: whatever size required, Pens, all colours (whatever you have available)


Close your eyes and scribble for about 30 seconds on the paper. When you have finished scribbling open your eyes and take a good look at your scribble masterpiece and find an image or object within it, or just colour in the different shapes. Next give it a title and date it and admire it.

It is such a simple exercise and you don’t need a degree in art to do it. get the kids involved and create your own little family gallery, they will love it.

2) Create a happy word


Tools Needed:

Paper, pencils, coloured pens etc


Draw a word that makes you feel positive. For example, for this exercise I wrote breathe, to remind me to focus on my breathing when I get anxious. Next decorate the word, get creative in any way that you want. I messed around with my word digitally then printed it off.

Another example of a simple exercise that is enjoyable and can easily be done in the comfort of your own space.

For more simple exercises like these why not come along and join a community of women using art to kick this anxiety monster to the kerb.



  1. This is great! I like the scribble method and often do it, but I’ll try your happy word technique next!

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