Getting creative: A healthy habit to have in your life

Being in lockdown has had its ups and downs. More downs than ups unfortunately, but it is only natural to feel this way. It is completely normal to feel anxious when the world is in chaos around us.

That is why getting creative can be a healthy habit to cultivate while we have the time. There are so many ways to get creative but mine has always been art. It gives me so much pleasure to create something and get it from my mind onto paper. It is my way of expressing myself in ways that words would never be enough. These positive feelings always stay with me long after the art has been completed.

Creative Ideas:

Art, Scrap-booking, Model making, Writing/Poetry, Sewing, Paper-craft

Art is therapeutic, which is why I trained to become a therapeutic art coach. I work with women who are suffering from anxieties that have emerged from problems outside of their control. I love seeing their transformations from anxious and nervous to confident and happy by introducing simple creative activities into their daily lives.

Why It works:

Concentrating on the exercise lowers stress levels and being immersed in an activity helps you to tune out the chaos in and around you.

If you are a woman who is suffering from anxiety. Anxiety, that has developed because of the chaos caused by the Coronavirus, then I would love to invite you to join my Facebook group.


You will gain access to a number of creative exercises that have been designed to help you lower your anxieties. You will also meet other women who know exactly what you are going through and together we can build each other up and get through these difficult times.

BONUS: Creative exercise

Print and colour your own mandala design


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