Art Is My Therapy in these uncertain times


Stuck at home all day, most days is causing my anxiety levels to reach heights never before reached. I have learnt some lessons in the last three weeks. One of them being that I value my freedom. I could never commit a crime knowing that this would be taken away from me and in return be given a four wall cell. No thank you, it is the straight and narrow for me. I have complied with all the guidelines and followed all the rules even when it has been so tough that i have been on my knees unable to stop the overwhelm and the floods of tears.

There have been countless times that I have sat at my desk willing myself to write or draw. Pen or pencil poised in hand but nothing pouring through from my mind onto paper. I just wanted my mojo back that is all I needed to get through each day but it wasn’t complying.

Instead of sitting around and giving in to the black dog of depression. Not allowing it to suck me into his cage and devour my very soul, I decided to take action.

With the black dog sleeping I have finally managed to ease myself back into creating art. I took Inspiration from my prized collection of “Shi: The way of The Warrior” cards (card number 74 to be specific).

It took me out of my comfort zone and kept my mind occupied for some hours. My anxiety levels dropped while I was drawing and my emotions were those of a more calming nature.

The prints are now available from my Ebay store

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Art is my therapy in these times of uncertainty.


  1. Aw, this looks beautiful. I like creative things too and I think painting is such a great therapy to chill out though I’m not very good at it haha.

    Love x

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