Anxiety Free Art

So I was feeling like Alice In Wonderland, falling head first down a rabbit hole. But I am starting to get used to the idea of staying at home.

I have been through so many different emotions since the lock-down and I am sure you have too. Being unable to see my children, my grandchildren and close friends has been causing me anxiety.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not sitting at home closed off from the world like some hermit. I am making use of social media, face-time with the kids and zoom calls with friends. Like many of us we are adapting as best as we can to the new rules and guidelines forced upon us.

I made a conscious decision to react in a more positive way rather than sit at home crying over the whole situation and therefore making myself ill. Yes, I understand that the whole world is in chaos at the moment and that there are people dying by the hundreds and it pains and distresses me to hear about the escalating numbers. This is way out of my control and I really cannot do anything about it, but I feel for those who are battling with this pandemic and those who have lost loved ones to it. I truly do give my deepest sympathies to you if you are grieving right now.

What I can do is abide by the rules and the guidelines given to me by my countries Prime Minister.

So here is what I have been doing to keep me sane and to live each day the best that I can.

1/ I only go out when absolutely necessary and keep my distance from others.

2/ I wash my hands more (well all the time really).

3/ I have created a positive and calming living space at home using candles and aromatherapy.

4/ I have decluttered little by little, one room at a time when I feel up to it.

5/ I have taken up Tai Chi via YouTube, which is helping me focus and create inner calm and balance.

6/I have taken the time to focus on my business and to look for new ways to get the cash flowing in again and at the same time offering my services to people in need of them.

At first I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do. Artist block hit me like a wrecking ball. Then it came to me. It just jumped into my head while I was washing dishes of all things.


I stopped what I was doing and was quite shocked with the revelation. How had I forgotten this in the busy, bustling chaos that was my life before we were forced to stop and be still.

I put on my creative hat and started brainstorming ideas. I was excited and it spurred me on to create a fabulous, printable workbook, filled with creative art exercises to help others who are struggling with anxiety at this awful time.


While I was working on the creation of the workbook, another idea came to me. Why not create a Facebook page and a Facebook group that offers daily creative exercises to help with stress and anxiety. So that is how anxiety free art was born. It is a place for women to come along and get access to daily creative exercises and also the printable workbook.


I want to help as many women as I can to start focusing their creativity so they can take control of their emotions.

Let us use art to come together and tune out external problems that are outside of our control.



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