This Alice is Not in Wonderland

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I feel like Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole. But I am not in Wonderland, I am in isolation, like many of us are around the world.

The whole planet has just one thing on their mind and for once we are going through the same thing. The only safe place we can connect with our fellow humans is at home via the internet and from our phones.

Being an artist myself got me thinking and I worked out a plan. The plan being:


Unfortunately my plan fell down the rabbit hole with me. What a time to be struck down with artist’s block. I couldn’t go for a long walk to find inspiration. I couldn’t go to a cafe and people watch for the afternoon. I had to stay indoors and try to figure out a way to get some art down on paper.

So I thought about Alice and used that as a theme to create some art to frame.

Completed art can be bought by clicking the links above. I have only got one of each so first come first served.

Let me know in the comments what you would like me to create and how you are coping with this worldwide Pandemic.

Much love…

Stay safe…

And don’t forget to wash your hands…


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