My love of ballet in art

I have always had a fascination with dance and would often daydream as a child of becoming a famous ballerina dancing in Swan Lake and having hundreds of fans clapping and cheering me in the audience.

However, I never put in the hours of practice that was needed for my dreams to become a reality but it did love to draw ballet-inspired artworks. With practice, I have gotten a little better each time and become a lot more confident as an artist.

lately, I have been doing a lot of pencil drawings with a colour pop of red. I wanted to do three different ones in the theme of ballet and all with the same colour pop. As you can see from the three drawings below, I chose to colour the dress in the first one, the ribbon in the second and the ballet shoes in the third.

The rest is done in pencil and drawn on watercolour paper. I love using Faber Castell pencils because they give me the desired effect with the blending techniques I use and come in a handy tin for easy storage.

The Faber Castell Watercolour Pad is just the right size and thickness and I like the effect it helps me create with blending and shading.

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