My Art Is Forever Evolving

This blog post is going to be super short just to update my readers but future posts will be a lot longer I promise.

I love it when my art style changes and it has definitely changed over the years. Maybe it is a phase that I am going through or it is a style that fits but lately, I have been concentrating on Graphite sketches.


I have also opened a selling site on ebay which you can find here: Kellyannart on eBay

All the products I use to create my art is still vegan-friendly as this is still important to me it’s just my style and medium that has changed.

So, the images above have been created recently over the Christmas period using a range of pencils HB1 up to HB6. The paper I have been using is Daler-Rowney watercolour paper and I really do like the way the finished piece looks on this paper.

I am definitely going to be buying more of this paper as I am going to work on a series of drawings around the theme of dance.Ā  I would love some suggestions from my followers on the sort of dance images they would like to see so please comment below and I can give it a try.Ā  I would love for unusual suggestions so try to think outside the box.



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