Strathmore toned mixed media paper review: (series 1 of 3)

The sample pack I received from Strathmore

I received some vegan-friendly art papers from Strathmore and I have been having a play with them to see that they are all about.

It was the sample sizes that they sent me through the post and I thought they looked so damn cute at just 4in x 6in, 184lb (300 g/m)

They came in handy little pads with 9 sheets of various colours. The papers were much thicker than the average paper and I liked this about them. They felt more like card, which is a good thing for me as I tend to make a lot of mistakes. When I use thinner paper my heavy handedness always creases the paper when erasing. I wouldn’t be able to crease these at all.

I did like the soft feel of the papers, especially being mixed media which tend to be a lot more rougher than these ones. They were not too rough and not too soft either, so as Goldilocks would say: “they were just right.”

I loved the three different colours of toned grey, tan and blue, which are tones of paper I would never have normally used before. I liked that fact that my finished creation did not have a stark white background but a background that did not need anything adding to it.


I used the tan coloured paper to create an Anime style portrait because of the fleshy tone of the paper and it worked really well. I used coloured pencils, which showed up great on the paper and I used blending fluid. I was extremely happy with the way the blending fluid dried on the paper and did not go through to the other side and it did not leave a stain either. I have had this happen on other cheaper papers I have used in the past.


The blue tint paper was again coloured pencils and blending fluid and I chose to to practice drawing some Anime style eyes. I was also happy with the way it looked when I had finished.


With the toned grey paper I created some simple Christmas baubles, again using coloured pencils and blending fluid.

With the remaining papers I am going to get my acrylics out and have a go using those. You may well see another blog post about how that went. So stay tuned.

All in all the three colours of the paper left me with creations that I was pleased with from a premium paper. Strathmore Toned Mixed Media Papers retail at different prices depending on colour and size and I think that the prices are of excellent value. If you want to purchase them here just click the links below for my suggestions and please be aware that I may earn a few pence but you will not be charged any extra at all. They are a perfect choice for my style of art and will definitely be buying some in the very near future as I have some projects in mind that would work great with them.


I would like to thank Strathmore for giving me the opportunity to be able to try these luxurious papers and the chance to write about them. For those of you who would like to know more about them then click the link to their website here: Strathmoreartist


  1. I love stationery, so I loved reading this! Seeing what you have created. I have never heard of this paper brand before, I will have to have a look. Thank you for sharing c

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