Are your art products vegan-friendly?

Kelly's pencils

I was thinking the other day about the hoard of art products that I have accumulated over the years and it got me wondering if any of the stuff I use is actually Vegan-friendly.

I was
surprised to find out that some of it contained ingredients that were
derived from an animal in some shape or form.

I already
knew that some of the professional brand paintbrushes were made of
animal hair: for example, squirrel hair. The very thought of using a
product made in this way makes me shudder. I have always used
synthetic brushes for this very reason.

I am slowly building up a collection of ethically sourced brushes.

Now, this
is going to sound really stupid, but It has never occurred to me that
other art supplies can actually be Non-Vegan-friendly.

Here’s a list of what you might expect to find in most of the common…

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