My top 4 struggles as a vegan artist

Being a vegan, I am constantly looking for Vegan- Friendly art products and also ones that are environmentally friendly.

I honestly thought that the transition to only buying and using ethically produced art materials would be a lot easier than it actually was. How wrong I was.

Below are my top 4 struggles that I am determine to master.

Struggle number 1


After making a list of as many art brands I could think of, and it was one hell of a list I can tell you, I emailed each one in turn with a question “could you please inform me of your vegan-friendly art products” Not those exact words but I guess you know what I mean. I then waited and waited for the replies to come exploding into my in-box. But only a few came.

Out of 50 plus emails that I sent out, I got 5 back. Now I know that these art brands have their work cut out trying to answer the consumers questions, but wouldn’t it be worth their while if they all had a handy PDF or something similar to send to the potential customer that explains fully about their products. Then we can make a choice whether to do business with them.

A big shout to…

Out of all the emails I sent, two of them came out on top and they were Daler Rowney and Strathmore.

Daler Rowney sent me a list of their products with an easy to read format whether a product was vegan or not. This document was over 300 pages long and you can read it here:

Daler Rowney Product List

That makes Daler and Rowney my go to brand for future purchases.

Strathmore went that little bit further by sending me some samples of their art papers that were vegan-friendly. I have started using them and will be blogging about how I found using them in the near future, so stay tuned.

These were the sample papers I was sent by Strathmore

Struggle number 2


Researching online on how to be an environmentally friendly and vegan-friendly artist is bloody hard.

I have typed into that google search bar so many variations, I don’t think my brain can think of any more. Please! Help a girl out and give me some suggestions in the comments below.

Out of all the search terms is was yet again Daler and Rowney and Strathmore that came out on top.

Struggle number 3

Ingredients list

Why can’t all products come with an ingredient list like those on foodstuffs, or even a message stating how they were sourced. For example when buying the paint named “Bone Black” it should say that it is sourced from animal. Bone black is made from the charred bones of animals. One colour that I will never ever use.

Struggle number 4

Finding the right alternatives

I know that I have to buy the Eco-friendly, vegan alternatives so I can find the right products. I also know that it is the main reason behind this blog, so that you the Vegan consumer can also find the right product for you.

It’s so frickin expensive.

However, until I make my fortune or come into a tidy little windfall, then I will continue my search and trying the products that will benefit our wonderful planet and save our animals from abuse and torture.

Please feel free to comment below if I have missed anything and you have the knowledge to share it with others. This I want to hear.

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