How I am reducing plastic waste as an artist

Does this image make you angry, upset, embarrassed to be a human being? I does to me.

Their is so much plastic these days. Most of our food from the supermarket comes packaged in plastic. The shops are full of plastic packaged products and I felt that it was time to start becoming aware of the amount of plastic I consume.

As an artist this can be hard but I am trying my best to reduce my plastic waste:

Here’s how I am doing it.

1/ I use an old white dinner plate as a paint palette. I just wash it carefully after use and reuse it over and over again.

Plates make great paint palettes and can be washed and used again and again

2/ I also use an old glass mason jar that I have had for years to hold the water I need for cleaning my paintbrushes while I am painting.

Mason jars have the potential to rule the world.

3/ Looking for brands that use environmentally friendly packaging and shipping has been fun and also reassuring that when it is delivered to me their will be no nasty plastic. Now that gives me buzz.

recyclable packaging is a must for me.

4/ I used to buy packs of pencils that came packaged in plastic but now I am only going to buy what I need. For example, if I need a 5B pencil for shading, then I will only buy a 5B pencil from my local art store.

Just one pencil at a time

There are probably many more ways that I can reduce the amount of plastic that I throw away and I would love to know how you are doing it. Please leave your comments below and help a fellow artist out.

It may be just a drop in the ocean but together we can make a big splash.

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