Gifts for the kids that will definitely reduce their screen time this Christmas

As many parents now, these days it is hard to prise the kids from their I-pads or tablets and reduce the amount of time they watch You Tube videos. We all want our kids to be creative in some way or another, so I have scrawled Amazon and chose my top 5 gift ideas that will tap into the kids inner artist in no time.


I am loving this 26 piece drawing and sketching pencil art set. Ideal for beginners, including children who are aspiring to become artist’s. Team it up with a couple of sketchbooks like the MAGICFLY PACK OF 3 PREMIUM SKETCHBOOKS and any child will be happy to receive this on Christmas morning.


These acrylic paint markers are the perfect gift for the child who likes to paint on things other than paper and loves colour. I am loving the vibrant mix of colours in this 24 pen set. How cool is it that you can write and draw on most surfaces like rocks, paper, glass, enamel and fabric?

More suited for the older and trusted child as we don’t want the walls and furniture decorated do we?


How lovely is the packaging of these pencils? A must have gift and a perfect stocking filler for the kid who loves to colour. This would also be a great gift for the college student in the family. I may have to buy some for myself as a treat.


Crayola always make bright and colourful gifts for kids and this one is so cute and fun. Each pen has it’s own unique smell and most kids love things that are different like this. I know my kids would have enjoyed creating lots of nice smelling art with these pens.

One word of advice though. It does say that it comes in an art case and having read some reviews this isn’t so. I would suggest discarding all the packaging and putting all the pens into a pencil case like the ones below.


I remember getting a paint by number kit a few years ago and I loved it. What little girl wouldn’t love this gift under the Christmas tree? She can create her very own mermaid masterpiece and show off her artistic skills to her friends. It comes complete with number board with an additional guide printed on the inside of the box. A great little stocking filler to bring out the inner artist.

So there you have it. My top 5 picks that will get the kids off their laptops or digital devices and away from You Tube videos. Even it is only for a little while at least they will have done something creative and you never know it may be the beginning of a budding artist.

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