Storage solutions for your art supplies

Because I am transitioning to only using Vegan-Friendly art supplies, I have been going through my stash.

I realise how much stuff I had accumulated over the years and it got me thinking about storage.

Not many of us artists have the luxury of owning our very own art studio, filled to the rafters with every art product imaginable. One can dream about it though. In the meantime while we are waiting for that dream to come true let’s think about how we can organise what we have.

Plastic Drawer tower


This is perfect for storing smaller art supplies. I use mine for all my tubes of paint separated into watercolours for one drawer, acrylics for another and so on and so on. I keep the tower in the corner of my dining room for easy access to the supplies. It doesn’t take up too much space at all.

Storage baskets


These are ideal to store all your sketches, sketchbooks, paper and finished art work in and are pretty and decorative enough to place anywhere in the home. Nobody would ever know what secrets they hold.

I have something similar in my dining room where I work from and they don’t look out of place there.

Over The Door Hanger


I love this product and I am seriously considering buying one. It would be ideal for my mass assortment of pens, felts, pencils, markers etc. I have so many that I am always on the lookout for new ways to store them.

Ottoman Storage Chest


This would look perfect in the room where you create your masterpieces. You could store larger items in this box and it is great because it doubles as a seat.

With some careful planning and thinking creatively you can turn even a small space in your home into an organised work area.

The storage solutions I have suggested will not look out of place and will enable you to have all your art supplies close at hand.

What storage solutions have you used to keep your supplies tidy? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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