Japanese Watercolour Review

Beautiful packaging for watercolours

The reason that I am writing this review is because I am in the process of transitioning to only using Vegan-friendly art products.

I was recently gifted an Amazon voucher, so I decided to treat myself to the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolour Paints (36 colour set). And what a treat this product was for me.


I was pleasantly surprised with the way it was packaged, as you can see above. It really did look like an exquisite top-end product. The pans of different colours encased in a beautiful sage green box with gold Japanese lettering on the front. I would be happy to get something like this as a gift.

What is it?

A Japanese watercolour set comprising of 36 colours. The watercolours are so much different to the western style of paints as they have a gouache like quality to them. The colours are vivid and not transparent with a gel like feel to them and they are a lot stickier than western watercolours.

What is great about this product?

  • The product gets full marks for the luxurious packaging
  • 36 colours costing £28.08, which means that one pan of colour would cost under a pound
  • The colour lifts right off the paper with a clean wet brush and kitchen towel. So correcting any mistakes is a doddle and much better than I have experienced with western watercolours.
  • The plastic tray that covers the pans of colour can be used as a mixing pallette.

What is not so good:

  • I would have liked the pans of colour to be a bit deeper (but that is just me being greedy)
  • All writing on packaging and the colour names are all in Japanese with no English translation. (But hey the set is Japanese after all)
  • It will take some experimenting to get used to this type of watercolour. (but that isn’t really a bad thing is it?)

Is it worth the price?

A big resounding YES from me. This product is well worth the price considering that it is Vegan-Friendly. Well most things that are vegan have a hefty price tagged onto them haven’t they? Buy the set Here: Japanese watercolour set

Practising with the Japanese Watercolours

To Summarise:

All in all the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese watercolour 36 colour set is a great product.

The packaging alone makes it look like an expensive product only the professionals could afford and if it was gifted to me under the tree on Christmas morning I would be over the moon.

At only £28.08 from Amazon I would definitely consider this a bargain and ideal for the creative Vegan.

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